Why Your Support Matters

The connection to the arts including dance, drama, music, and visual arts enables several benefits for student development. An analysis by the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) of studies by nearly 100 researchers reveal these advantages for students.

Academic Benefits


  • Increased achievement and proficiency in math, reading, cognitive development, and verbal SAT scores. 

  • Positive impact on writing organization, sophisticated reading skills, interpretation of complex texts such as those in science courses; and higher-ordered thinking skills like analyzing & problem solving.

Social and Emotional Benefits

  • Develop improved understanding of social relationships and complex emotional issues.

  • Demonstrate a greater capacity for positive self-expression, social tolerance, and self-confidence.

These elements are important for the overall development of an individual. We thank parents for enabling this development in our students from Pre-K to middle school and appreciate the support from our PTA and educators!


Make a Difference

Help our students reach their full potential. The recommended donation of $20 per student helps bring inspiring programming. Be part of our community!