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Connection to live, performing arts helps our students reach their full potential


Westport Cultural Arts

How do we as a community help raise inquisitive, self-aware, adaptable, and perceptive children? 

Westport Cultural Arts helps develop the whole child by exposing our students to professional, live performing arts and teacher selected enrichment programs. 

The arts promote positive development in the academic, social, and emotional realms of students. It makes for a more present and thoughtful person, well primed to learn and thrive in our ever changing world.


This appreciation and connection to the arts are enabled by our parent contributions with support from our PTA and educators. This investment brings joy to our children and pays dividends as they develop and grow into fully functioning and expressive adults.

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What to Expect

Westport Cultural Arts brings to life our district's mission of preparing all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.  We organize the following during the school year and immerse our students in different genres of live, performing arts. Find out more about our programs from past events.

Parent Contributions

Parent contributions fund programming and are collected at the beginning of each school year

Note: No parent contributions will be collected in fall 2020 due to prior program cancellations.

Live Performances

Two live performances are held at all elementary schools 

One live performance is held at all middle schools

Enrichment Programs

Teacher selected enrichment programs are implemented through out the school year 


Event Communication



Parents, look out for school posters and PTA emails sharing upcoming performances. You are welcome to attend performances.

Elementary school students will bring home or wear the sticker above on the day of a performance. Ask them what they experienced! 

Cultural arts programs are designed to delight, engage, educate, and encourage participation. They unlock meaningful and new experiences for healthy student development as shared by Paige in her note.


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Make A Difference

Help set our students up for success. There are several ways to support by donating, volunteering, performing, or partnering. Click below to find out more.